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Dogs & Mogs Jersey is a reliable, friendly and professional dog walking and pet care company, based in Jersey, Channel Islands. We’re here to help relieve the worry and anxiety that pet owning in today’s busy lifestyle can bring. With us you can leave home guilt-free, as your pet will be in the best possible hands.

Our ethos is to provide a unique tailor made service that suits the demands of both you and your four-pawed friends. We have one strong philosophy and that’s to be friendly, flexible and fun! We will always treat your animals with the same love, care and devotion that we give to our very own.

We will meet with you and your pets prior to dog walking or cat sitting so we fully understand your requirements. We have an enrollment form to ensure we get all the information needed to provide the best possible service for your little friends.

We are fully insured with Cliverton and registered with the JFSC.


Jonathan has a special bond with dogs and is highly experienced in animal care. He has worked at the JSPCA for over 10 years both in kennels and as an animal ambulance driver. He has also been a dog walker and pet sitter previously. He likes nothing better than being in the great outdoors with four-legged friends!

Claire, known as Dr. Doolittle to friends and family, has always had animals in her life. She lived in Africa for 14 years, during which time rescued and re-homed or rehabilitated several different animals. Having dog walked, and pet-sat for friends and neighbours, Claire decided to make it her job! She has a Toller called Meru, a rescue cat called Amber and a new addition Midge the kitten.


Dog walking

We aim to be the highlight in your dog’s day, until you come home, by offering fun-filled walks. Being pack animals, dogs enjoy the social dynamics of being walked in a group, stimulating both mind and body, resulting in a happy and tired dog returned home. We will collect your furry friend from your home.

They will be taken to one of the many exciting walking destinations that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep. After an hour of running, wrestling and sniffing your pooch will be returned happy and content for the rest of the day. We are more than happy to hose and towel off any muddy paws!

We will arrange a time suitable for you for your dog to be picked up; we work from early morning until early evening so walk times are very flexible. Our normal walk duration is for an hour. We can provide half hour walks for puppies or elderly dogs. We aim to only walk four dogs at a time, unless there are two or three dogs from one home in the group, but the maximum amount of dogs will be six at any one time.

Once dropped off and cleaned up we top up any water bowls and are happy to feed any meals needed or administer medication.

All dogs will be registered with us before any services commence. We need to arrange to meet with you and your dog, ideally for a short walk. This will give time to discuss any special requirements, your dog’s health, likes, dislikes and habits. At this point we will also require a copy of your veterinary details including vaccination records. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know us. This meeting is free of charge.

Prices: Mon – Fri

Group Walks
£12.50 per hour
£10 per half hour
​Individual £18
​Discount for more than 2 dog household

Puppy visits

A new addition to your family can be an exciting time, however we understand there will be times when you are unable to be there for your puppy’s constant needs. We are available for puppy visits, where we can feed them, and clean up any messes and still ensure there is time for play.

Ask us about our tailor made puppy care service. Perhaps your puppy is struggling settling in during their first couple of weeks in their new home… We can pop in at odd intervals throughout the day and reassure your puppy that he/she is okay and life isn’t too scary!

We have a list of puppy tips and entertaining ideas to help keep those excited bundles busy and to keep howling and barking to a minimum! Whatever your needs are we can make a plan to suit both you and your puppy whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Once your puppy has had their injections we can start to introduce them to all the exciting things in the big wide world! We pick friendly dogs or other puppies for them to go on small puppy walks with and begin the important task of socialising, training and recall.

Prices: Mon – Fri

£8 – £10 for 20 mins or 30 mins

Weekend £15

Pet sitting

Dogs & Mogs pet sitting service is a great way of keeping your pets current routine exactly the same in your absence and not have the stress of kennels.

We can either move into your home or they can come stay in our home and continue the same walks, feeding times, play times and of course affection that your pet is used to.

All of our services can be adapted to suit you and your pets needs. If you can’t see the service that you are looking for, please use the contact us page and send us your personal requirements or alternatively, give us a call.

Prices from £35

Pet taxi

We realise that you are busy and may not be able to get your pets in for their important vet appointments or grooming appointments.

Our service works like this: We come and pick up your pet from your home and safely and securely transport them to their appointment. At the appointment, we either drop them off and return when their appointment is finished, or we wait with them during the appointment. If we drop them off, time stops running until we come back. If we must wait for them during the appointment, time will keep running.


£12 per hour

Pet feeding

Dogs & Mogs offers pet feeding; if you are going away, whether it is just for the day, overnight or a holiday we can pop in and care for your cat, rabbit, hamster, chicken or any other variety of small pet.

We will come to your house and ensure food and water is provided for, litter boxes/hutches are cleaned and still have time for a quick cuddle or play. You can determine the amount of visits needed in a day and your pet can have a stress free time while you are away.

We can also carry out house duties such as plant watering, post collecting and pulling curtains.

Prices: Mon – Fri

£8 – 12

Weekend and Bank holidays


Pet portraits

As well animal lovers, Jonathan and Claire are both artists. Jonathan is a painter and illustrator and Claire a photographer, so we are able to offer portraits of your beloved pets. Prices depend on commission.

Contact us

T: +44 (0) 7829 994 664

E: Email Dogs & Mogs Jersey via their Facebook page


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